Motor is in the car!

Got it installed without any major issues. Hood clears without any problem. Getting the valve cover on and off is tricky as the hood latch bracket is close. I think I can make it a lot better in the next version.

Prior to the install I did the final lubrication test with the cams in. The pressure came up about 5 psi and I saw oil seeping around every cam bearing journal. Still lots to do but this is a major milestone for sure.

I know the wiring is a mess and it’s something I need to address.



Before I installed it I took a few shots of it assembled.




I made up custom wire looms out of Type 1 PVC


3 thoughts on “Motor is in the car!

  1. Interesting, I would have thought you’d make new engine mounts and place it in the same orientation as the S20. Leaning to the left instead of the L20’s right hand lean.

    • Hi Ash
      It got kicked around briefly but I couldn’t see any value in it. It was going to complicate the transmission location. It did make oil draining a problem because I wasn’t able to use the stock drain location. The V2 of the head will have a small sump in the back of the head that pitches towards the drain hole. This way I can do away with the external drain pipe. But there is nothing stopping someone from mounting theirs any way they see fit.

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