More progress

Almost at the point where I can test the oil system.


Front covers  on.

Internal lines finished.

And the externals are done as well.


Getting closer!

Hopefully Monday will be the pan and oil pump on and the first pressure test.

Cams are in!

So I’m actually on the way back up at this point. Got the head on and torqued down.


Bundled up to transport to the head.


This is one of the most tedious parts of the assembly. as you are tightening you are compressing springs and aligning dowels.

Next up chains and final cam timing

Exterior hard lines finished

Got everything fabed up. Very happy with the results.

I added a sandwich adapter in order to be able to get more oil for the VCT. The oil pressure port was fine for the cam oil feeds but I felt it would not keep up with the VCT. I moved everything over to the sandwich plate. The oil pressure switches are still on the oil pressure port.

Rear oil feed.


Hard lines are a ton of effort but for me well worth it.