And it runs:)

The valvetrain noise is not as loud as it is in the video. I have about 30 min. of run time on it. Pulled the valve cover a few times checking things with no surprises. The revs in the video are up to around 5000.

Now comes the long process of getting everything dialed in. There are a lot of loose ends.

I’ll probably start sleeping better:)

Motor is in the car!

Got it installed without any major issues. Hood clears without any problem. Getting the valve cover on and off is tricky as the hood latch bracket is close. I think I can make it a lot better in the next version.

Prior to the install I did the final lubrication test with the cams in. The pressure came up about 5 psi and I saw oil seeping around every cam bearing journal. Still lots to do but this is a major milestone for sure.

I know the wiring is a mess and it’s something I need to address.



Before I installed it I took a few shots of it assembled.




I made up custom wire looms out of Type 1 PVC


Made some progress on the cam gear adapters.

Each one is a 2 piece affair. The inner hub is keyed to the cam and the outer hub holds the gear. The back side of the inner hub holds a thrust bearing. This way I can shim the bearing if I want to decrease the clearance. There will be 5) 5mm bolts in the outer flange to lock the 2 hubs together.


Assembled hub.


With gear. I had to turn the gear around to get it to line up with the idler gear.


And the best part is it fits!


Up next is the slots and the bolt holes. I’m going to see if I can get the cams close degree wise before I key the hubs. This way I’ll be able to utilize the full travel of the slots.


I’m already working on simpler solutions for the next ones.