Pricing for the KN20 DOHC head

All prices USD

Prices subject to change without notice.

Head, timing cover and valve cover machined. $7900.00 This is all you re required to buy from me everything else is individually priced.

These are items I offer and will have available with the heads.
Cam towers    $1250.00 for the set.

Semi finished S7 tool steel cam cores.  $ 2000.00 for the pair. The lobes need to be finish ground.

Cam tower bolts $45.00 Honda
Cam tower shoulder bolts $40.00 Skunk Performance
Cam bolts from Honda 14115-PNA-000  12.00 pair
Cam washers from Honda 14113-PNA-003  14114-PNA-003   25.00 pair
Honda rocker shafts modification. $100.00 plus shafts.
Honda Shafts  Currently $250.00 for 4.
DCOE Intake manifolds $750.00  for the set.

Triplex crank sprocket machined to fit L6 crank. $200.00
Cloyes 9-4180S Timing chain kit  $188.00-$220.00
Cloyes 9-4007 chain $20.00 Tall deck only
Idler gear shoulder washer washer.  $25.00
Idler gear shaft   13016-9E000   $42.47
Tensioner pivot bolt 13094-40F00  $4.58 Tall deck only
Tension side guide rail bracket $35.00

Blank front sub plates for timing gear idler and upper tensioner $200.00
These are for people who want to roll their own chain setups.

Standard block timing set:
These are the all the parts you would need for an off the shelf solution.

Steel idler plate. $80.00
Aluminum tensioner/pivot plate with tensioner spacer. $150.00
Nylon 6-6 custom slack side guide.  $125.00
Steel tension side mount plate. $35.00
Idler gear shoulder washer.  $25.00
Cloyes 9-4180S timing chain set $160.79
Labor to break and splice 92 link KA24 lower chain.  $50.00. 
Idler gear shaft   13016-9E000   $42.47
Triplex lower crank sprocket and shim set. $200.00

Cam lobe grind from Schneider Cams $250.00 each cam

Optional from me.
Valve cover breather and baffle $85.00
Oil Cap $65.00  Same thread as Nissan.

Stuff not pictured.

List of Honda valve train parts but no valves.

Honda Part numbers for springs, seats retainers etc.
These parts prices are from and may a bit low since they are old.  They are hit or miss though on their stock. If they can’t locate it quickly in their US inventory they will cancel the  part. Another place I’ve been dealing with is  They are a little more money but are a more traditional dealership type parts house.

Valve Keeper 14781-PRB-A02  2.15 each *48 $103.20
Dished retainer – 14765-PRB-A01 2.65 each * 24 63.60
Rocker arms 14624-RAA-A00 24.34 * 12  292.08
Spring seat 14775-PRB-A00 $2.42 each 58.08

These valve springs are recommended as a good choice for a lower performance type build.  They are a lot cheaper than aftermarket brands but do your own homework on this.
I will be using this combo on my build.

Yellow outer spring Acura only – 14761-PCX-003 6.82 * 24 163.68
Red inner spring – 14752-PRB-A01   5.63* 24  135.12
I get my Ferrea stuff from but you may have a better source.
The head is sized to accept these guides:

VG1062    Ferrea Intake Valve Guide STD
VG1064    Ferrea Exhaust Valve Guides STD
VS1002    Ferrea Exhaust Valve Seal
VS1003    Ferrea Intake Valve Seal
Head work needed to be done:

Install and ream guides, Cut valve seat pockets and install seats.

Valve job.

I’m trying to get a price nailed down from Bill at Extreme cylinder heads. He did SN005. but I would budget 2K including the seats.

You still need headers and induction on top of that price so don’t forget that.