Pricing for the KN20 DOHC head

All prices USD

Prices subject to change without notice.

Head, timing cover and valve cover machined. No guides or seats. $8,800.00 This is all you re required to buy from me everything else is individually priced.

Semi finished S7 tool steel cam cores. Gun drilled, hardened and bearings ground $ 2000.00 The lobes are roughed in and will need to be finish ground.

Cam towers    $1250.00
Cam tower bolts $45.00 Honda item.
Cam tower shoulder bolts $40.00
Cam bolts from Honda 14115-PNA-000  16.00 pair
Cam washers from Honda 14113-PNA-003  14114-PNA-003   30.00 pair
Honda rocker shafts modified . $100.00 plus shafts.
Honda Shafts  $275.00 for 4.
Steel idler plate. $80.00
Aluminum upper tensioner $250.00
Nylon 6-6 custom slack side guide.  $125.00
Guide pivot plate 45.00
Idler gear shoulder washer.  $25.00
Idler gear shaft   13016-9E000   $42.00
Triplex lower crank sprocket and shim set. $200.00
DCOE Intake manifold set.  $750.00
Valve cover breather  $85.00
Oil cap. $65.00
Total USD  $15395.00

Additional items required:

List of Honda valve train parts but no valves. Aftermarket valves are cheaper than Honda OEM. Any aftermarket valve train parts made for the Honda K20 will work with the KN20.

Here are the Honda Part numbers for springs, seats retainers etc should you decide to go that route.

Valve Keeper 14781-PRB-A02
Dished retainer – 14765-PRB-A01
Rocker arms 14624-RAA-A00
Spring seat 14775-PRB-A00

These valve springs are recommended as a good choice for a lower performance type build on the Honda forums. They are good to 8500 RPM’s.  They were a lot cheaper than aftermarket brands but do your own homework on this.
I’m currently running them on my car.

Yellow outer spring  – 14761-PCX-003
Red inner spring Acura only- 14752-PRB-A01

Additional work to be done by the purchaser:

The camshaft lobe profiles need to be ground. Any cam grinder that does Honda profiles can grind the lobes. Schneider cams in California has done all of the lobe grinding to date and unless their lobe profiles don’t meet your needs I would recommend working with them.
I do not sell headers. They are vehicle and build specific so I leave that to others. I will provide CAD data for the flanges.
This is a list of the major items that the buyer will be responsible for.

Do a proper valve job including:
Hone valve guides 
Cut valve seat angles
Smooth out and blend ports. They probably flow enough for a 3.2 build with simple cleanup. Any larger build will need specific porting.

Minor blending of the combustion chambers to blend the tool paths.

Surface bottom of head. My surfacer is too rough for MLS gaskets.

Purchase all valve train items. Including rocker arms, valves, springs, spring seats, spring retainers and valve retainers. Also Ferrea valve seals will be required.

Blueprint timing chains. The timing system should be a bolt on affair but the pivot guide may need a little work if the chain is too tight. Very easy modification. These are semi production heads and there will be a certain amount of hand work for a proper build.

Blueprint cam timing and valve to piston clearances. The cam timing needs to be set from scratch since there are no set timing marks. At that point marks can be made for reassembly.

For optimal performance custom pistons must be used. J&E Pistons in California has the KN20 data on file so they have become the default supplier at this point. The combustion chamber is very close to the Honda K20 so other piston manufacturers can be used.
I’m sure there is more but this covers the major points.