Well it’s back in the barn finally.

Everything looks great and now I can get back on finishing off all of the rest of the stuff. Ran my 1.25″ gauge rod through the towers. A little snug but I’ll wait on the cams to get here before I do any honing.


And naturally I’m super slammed with pattern work right now.

Just uploaded a new video.

Trying out some new microphones. The placement on this video is one in the cabin and one next to the exhaust pipe. The exhaust mike is dominant at this point as you can’t hear the induction noise which in my opinion is the best part:)  It’s a pretty accurate depiction of what’s coming out the back end though. I’ll shoot one with the mikes in the engine bay next. Shifting at about 6800. On the second run I hit the limiter in first. OOps. The camera mount sucks and I need to work on it. If you look closely through the shaking you can see the front of the car lift when the cam comes on.  I drive it this way a lot. I just love the sound of it!