Time for a small update

The head work on V2 is being done at Rebello Racing. I was interested in getting a head in his hands and everything kind of fell into place for that to happen. The only down side was they are always slammed so it’s taken a little longer than I would like. They worked the bowls a bit but other than that it’s basically the same as it was after the new owner smoothed it out. There was no major shape changes. Dave’s opinion is the head as it is now has the capacity to produce in the 420 HP range based on the numbers they got.


He is onboard at this point and will be offering and recommending the head to his customers. He deals with Schneider Cams and the cores are there getting the lobe profiles done.


I know it’s been slow going for while. It’s just amazing how long it takes to get  things like this moving.


I’m attaching the flow sheet he sent me. Dave explained what the various flow scale references mean. I understood it to basically be a setting in the flow bench to make it emulate the bore size more closely. So as a point of reference the intake flow at .5 is 301 CFM after a correction of .680 is applied to the 443 above it.  Rebello also runs his tests at 25″ WC.