Camshafts have arrived!

Finally have the cams. They look great and all the dimensions are right on the money.



I stripped the rockers from the towers and mounted the cams up in the head. It was snug but I could turn them. Not by hand but with a wrench on the flats it moved very easily. This was a big concern of mine from the beginning but I think it’s going to be ok. Now I can start on the cam gear adapters.

Spark Plug Wires

Got the plug wires from Magnecore. Great work as usual. I’m not crazy about the look of the boots but trying to come up with something I liked started turning into another rabbit hole. The boots are from a Honda K24.


Made some custom looms out of grey type 1 pvc.



The EDIS coil mounts up under the front intake manifold so for the most part it should be hidden.

Valve cover powder coated.

The valve cover came out beautiful! I had it done at I really couldn’t be happier. Ivan did a great job and was very meticulous with the masking.


The acorn nuts are a bit small for my tastes and I’m working on rectifying that.


Just a few more items and I’m ready to install!

Made up some air filter housings.

Made the filter housings today. They use the same wire mesh and oiled foam filters that I use on my other manifold. I’ve been very happy with the filtration from the foam and saw no reason to do anything different. The housing probably isn’t the best choice for power as it will disturb the air flow around the bell. Meh who cares. I like the look.


They still need finishing so the tooling marks from a well used CNC mill are visible.

I have a little boss on either side that will hold a set screw to hold them in place.


This started out as a 4″X8″X.75″ piece of 6061.



Word from Crane is I’ll have my cams by the end of next week.

Did an oil flow test and I’m getting excellent results up through the towers to the cam journals. The upper chain tensioner is getting plenty of flow as well.  I won’t know beyond that until I get the cams installed.

Closer every day!