More progress

Almost at the point where I can test the oil system.


Front covers  on.

Internal lines finished.

And the externals are done as well.


Getting closer!

Hopefully Monday will be the pan and oil pump on and the first pressure test.

16 thoughts on “More progress

    • Hi Brian. Nothing new as far as development since I’m pretty sure I have the final revision done. I’m nearly finished with four more. SN/009 through SN/012. SN/009 is already sold.

    • Hi Izzy.
      Sorry I haven’t kept the blog up to date. I finally got a facebook page for Datsunworks and I mostly keep that up to date. So far I have sold 7 heads. Only 2 are running at this point since most of the purchases are for long term projects. I daily drive mine and other than a bad fuel pump last week it hasn’t left me stranded. Rebello racing built 003. It’s a 3.5L and on the engine dyno the best numbers it hit was 492 HP @ 8K and 360LBS torque @ 6K.

      I’m in production on 4 more heads one of which is already sold.

    • Yea facebook sucks for sure. There isn’t a ton of new stuff going on . It’s mostly pics of machining the current batch of heads which looks exactly like the last batch of heads:) I do need to update soon though since it looks like I stalled on the project if all you look at is the blog.

    • Thanks Trevor

      You can buy from me. I emailed you the links to the FAQ and the pricing. There is a lot to take in since this isn’t a take it out of the box and bolt it on solution.

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