Valve cover done.



As I said earlier I’m having it powder coated but I wanted a couple of shots of it raw aluminum. I think it looks great but I want to see what it looks like coated. For me to leave it raw would require a bit of work and then back to the foundry for shot peening again.  Not in the cards. The flange is o-ringed. A little more work but since I’m sure to have the cover off and on a bunch it made the most sense.


Everything fits really well. Intake casting is a little scruffy but that’s how it goes with prototypes.


I should have been a plumber:)



Should be ready to do oil pressure tests at the end of the week. I have a few more small items to work out but then I’m dead in the water without cams and a header.



2 thoughts on “Valve cover done.

  1. Wahoo amazing work!
    All this pipework is really nice. Like you said, “old school mechanical injection” look

    Can’t wait to see this engine running!

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