Timing Chain

Jeff and I had a long conversation about pros an cons of various designs. The preference would be a single chain so I ordered up a K20 set to see if it was workable. NOPE.

Lower timing gear is too small to bore out to fit the L6 crank snout Back to the drawing board.

I decided to give the KA set a try. I decided the Altima set would be a good choice as it’s only a single row chain up top. With the roller rockers I don’t think you need a double row. But there is nothing stopping people from using a double row if they feel like it.

I did a rough mockup on a piece of wood mounting all the pieces. I used my router to plot out the locations of the parts and drill the mounting holes. This gave me a point of reference.


Then I machined a chunk of plastic so I could actually mount it to the block.

You can see I’m trying to incorporate the KA guides and lower tensioner but that won’t happen without a new lower timing cover.

Image 1

Here is the lower section with stock modified L6  components. The only tricky bit is I need to remove one link from the chain. I think this is a workable solution.

Image 2

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