Initial design and scanning.

I get a PM from TonyD in September of 2012 about the Goerz-Paeco DOHC L6 Head coming up for air.

Which led to a brief discussion about what would be involved in producing a head. And that was the end of it… Or so you thought.

Tony and I started trading emails about the feasibility  of producing it and what kind of heads we could use as a donor for the valve train. Tony suggested bringing Jeff P on board because of his work with cooling the L6 head. Tony and I kicked around RB and KA motors for a while and then Tony suggested checking out theHonda K20. Bingo. Removable cam towers, factory roller rockers and a plethora of aftermarket parts. I called one oh my clients that is big in the import drag market and  procured an old K20 head. I did some quick measurements and decided that it was probably workable. And so the journey began.

The idea is to use the cam towers and valve train from a K20.

I grabbed a quick scan with my white light scanner of the exterior. It’s dirty because I’m only using it as a reference scan to design against.


I imported the scan into my solids program and then proceed to replace the mesh with solids.

exterior 1

Jeff provided me with a great CAD drawing of his head gasket to work from. I decided to take a module approach to model the head. I made a single cylinder complete and the copied and offset it for the other cylinders.

single module final

I then pulled the solids together to create a single model

Image 3

I was pretty much at a standstill until I could figure out the timing chain setup.

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  1. Do you have the file of that head gasket or know where I can get it ? I have heard of Jeff P only through reference on hybrid z and other related datsun pages and don’t know his contact information, Tony D pokes around in Datsun facebook groups every now and then. Thanks!

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