Just uploaded a new video.

Trying out some new microphones. The placement on this video is one in the cabin and one next to the exhaust pipe. The exhaust mike is dominant at this point as you can’t hear the induction noise which in my opinion is the best part:)  It’s a pretty accurate depiction of what’s coming out the back end though. I’ll shoot one with the mikes in the engine bay next. Shifting at about 6800. On the second run I hit the limiter in first. OOps. The camera mount sucks and I need to work on it. If you look closely through the shaking you can see the front of the car lift when the cam comes on.  I drive it this way a lot. I just love the sound of it!





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  1. I watched this over and over. Can’t wait to hear the induction video! I’m getting excited to see some more advanced versions.

    • Hard to tell about milage as my foot is always in it. I seriously run the shit out of it every day.

      It has a raspy old vintage kind of sound for sure.

    • Well it will be a production but not mass. My goal is to do them 4 at a time and have machined units on the shelf for sale. At that point it would go to the machine shop of your choice or Mazworx or Rebello for finishing. I don’t plan on offering ready to run heads.

      • Cool! Love your work by the way and that video I can watch it all day!! Too bad your not offering a full turn key job but hey, keep up the good work! This will be on top of my list for my car.

        • Thanks.

          The reason for not offering a turn key head is there are so many variables and options. No matter what I would need to send the heads out for seats, guides and surfacing. So it seems to make sense to let whoever is doing that work finish it off if the owner of the head cant.

          • Understood! I know you’re exhaust header is done by another guy, is there a chance he might do several of them in the future you know? ‘coz I loved how he did it! And the cams are not included in the package am I right?

          • Hi The header on my car was done by Xnke on HybridZ. The header on the next one is being done by someone else. The owner of V2 has his own exhaust guy and he opted to use him.

            Cam cores will be included in the package. They will be ready to have the lobes finish ground to whatever the specs the builder wants. Schneider Cams in California did this last set.

  2. Gotcha! I live here in the Bay Area, California and Rebello is like 30 miles away from me. I know you said you partnered with them to get your heads be an option in their builds in the future. Do I buy them directly from you and let Rebello take care of it?

    • At this point I’m not sure how it will work. My pricing is structured so that there isn’t a discount to places like rebello since they make their money on value added services. That will be all worked out in the future for sure.

      • Sounds good! Thanks for answering all my queries Derek! Keep up the good work man, you’re doing the Datsun community a BIG favor!

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