And it runs:)

The valvetrain noise is not as loud as it is in the video. I have about 30 min. of run time on it. Pulled the valve cover a few times checking things with no surprises. The revs in the video are up to around 5000.

Now comes the long process of getting everything dialed in. There are a lot of loose ends.

I’ll probably start sleeping better:)

13 thoughts on “And it runs:)

  1. It seems like its running really rich because the throttle response is slow. Needs to be leaned out a little bit more but It sounds good otherwise. What ecu are you using for this?

    • Boy was it ever:) I’m running Megasquirt. I used my old config and the new ITB’s were idling in an area that the old ones never saw. It was dumping a ton of fuel in. Corrected it this morning and it’s much better. A lot less lope as well.

      • Thats good, yeah your all on new ground woth that set up because the combustion chamber is designed for the honda fuel system so it will take some time to get it all dialed in but the potential of that build is amazing to think about. The real question is weather that head wiould hold up to the heat of racing. I know everyone is excited about it and so am I. When a pioneer comes out with something like this i love it. OS Giken charging $40,000 for a single head is just insane. So if you do all the r&d and are able to start producing these heads after proper testing then it would be a cheaper and better option because honda parts can be bought all day at cheap prices and the high rpm design and tech is the best in the biz.

        • That’s what I’m hoping for. Another difference from The OSG is choice. You build it with the gear you want . To me that is a very big point.

          I’m really confident in the Honda gear staying together. My concerns have always been the timing chain. I’ve completely redesigned V2. The front of the cam will be much stronger. Also a double row upper chain will be able to implemented. Lot’s of improvements in V2.

          • yeah thats good. The only fear I would have is running a newly designed chain on a head designed for high rpms. That head has high Rpm potential so to take full advantage the chain has to be able to hold up to at least a 8500-9000redline. The hondas use timing belts for that purpose because the belt does not need any oiling or lube to keep it from breaking. It sucks you could not find a way to use a timing belt but then you would have to find a timing belt that would fit and that could be a nightmare lol. I guess making a change that fits by adding or removing links to make it the correct size is less time intensive. I hope it works out well. If the L-series timing chains can handle 9000rpms like mine did then it should be fine. Hopefully the new route the chain needs to go for this engine/head set up will not put too much stress on it. Id love to see a front photo of the engine without the timing cover on it. Man Im excited, because when its time for me to retire here in Japan I would love to be buying one of these heads to build my dream Hakosuka Skyline.

    • Hey the chain hasn’t busted yet:)

      I was looking at KA24 builds and it seems that because of the nature of that crankshaft they tend to keep them below 7000. So there is no telling if it will take the revs. But comparing apples to apples the chain on the K20 is a single long chain that is a lot smaller then the 06B chain the KA runs. So the K20 has a lot more unsupported chain flailing about whereas the KA24 being two separate chains should be more stable. St least that’s what I tell myself at 3:00 AM when it’s keeping me awake:)

      • It looks pretty stable. I checked out the timing chain set up in the other threads and it looks awesome. I dont think rpms will be an issue. As long as the valvetrain can take it

    • What a coincidence, I can’t wait to sell you one!
      It’s officially my daily driver now that I have driven it to work and back two days in a row. It’s running well but I have a lot of little details to sort before it’s dialed in. So far so good.

      • Do you have a rough estimate on price for a production v2? I know you posted it in Hybrid Z somewhere, but maybe it’s changed/ will change…

        • The raw un-machined castings for the head, valve cover and timing cover should still come in at $4500.00. The variable right now is how much it costs to machine the raw castings. After I finish V2 I’ll have a much better idea of what’s involved.

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