Valve cover powder coated.

The valve cover came out beautiful! I had it done at I really couldn’t be happier. Ivan did a great job and was very meticulous with the masking.


The acorn nuts are a bit small for my tastes and I’m working on rectifying that.


Just a few more items and I’m ready to install!

7 thoughts on “Valve cover powder coated.

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how much power you’ll make. How do you feel this will compare to the OS Giken TC-24 when you are done? Ever thought of ditching the timing chain and using a gear set?

    • Gear sets can be more challenging than chains to get aligned properly so although I gave it some thought, it was too difficult with my current equipment.

      I have no direct comparisons between my head and the newer OSG TC-24. I saw some data from a heavily ported early version and my head in stock form flows more air. One big difference is I don’t believe you have many choices when you buy one of their heads. You get the valves, springs, rockers etc that they want you to have. Since my head is based on a K20 there is a ton of stuff out there that will work. Plus since the cams are custom you get input in that area as well. You’ll end up with a head that is tailored to you.

  2. Ah, right. Very interesting. I think I’ll be watching your build with muted excitement. If your estimations of possible purchase cost in the faq section are near correct you and I may be doing business in the near future.

    • The machining costs are the wild card right now. The machining on the second head will go a lot faster. Plus I’ll be logging actual machining time. On the first one there was a lot of head scratching hours and I usually don’t charge for that:)

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