Parts are in the house

Got the head back from the foundry and for the first time I have all the parts under one roof. Figured I’d take a family photo:)

Guess I better get busy on the milling machine!

2 thoughts on “Parts are in the house

  1. Have you guys talked to the guys at 4 Piston Racing? they built a 10,000rpm 500hp 2.7L k series. A bored and stroked l series could get enough didsplacement to make close to 600hp N/A! or 740hp if an l series block can fit a 108mm crank.

    • I have not talked to them. Right now I’m mostly focused on getting them into semi production.

      The motor this head is going on is a 3.5L with I believe a custom crank. I think they are looking at a 9500 or 9000 RPM red line but I don’t know what their target HP is.

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