Head is on and torqued…….

For the second time 🙂

The head suds I’m using are ARP from a M50 BMW and they specify 85 lbs. 85 was too much for my tired old block and one of the studs sheared the threads off. I had to order a Timesert kit in to repair it.

There was quite a bit of debate about torquing on HybridZ and I settled into 65 lbs in three steps.



This abomination is the water outlet. It’s what I had to do in order to not have to make a separate timing cover pattern for this build. It’s setup for the stock nissan outlet and when it’s on it won’t look too bad. The new design is completely different. I run EDIS so the lack of distributer clearance is not an issue. There will be room on V2 for a distributor.



Upper timing gear went right on and my custom chain stop popped right out.  Ignore the grey silicone if you don’t mind:)  The outlet is o-ringed against the head and is bolted directly to the head so I’m not worried about leaking. Obviously I’ll have to rework the upper timing cover patten to clear the tensioner.


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