Lower timing chain finished

I had to bore the KA lower gear out to 35mm. I also had to make a couple of spacers so that it was as thick as the L6 lower gear. When I bored it out I lost most of the key way. It also made the hub area a little thin. I decided to make the outer spacer ring dished to slip fit over the hub to add a little strength.


Here are the 2 parts assembled.


And installed on the crank. I had to leave the gap between the gear and the spacers for chain link clearance.



Had to remove a couple links and add a half link.  I also had to cut down both guides.  The lead angles on the chain look pretty good. Time will tell though.



Test fitting before I broached the keyway.


Stalagmite of chips:)


Starting to get all the odds and ends wrapped up. It’s tough not getting too far ahead of myself. I want to stay productive but without cams I’m kind of at the end of the line.

I’ll finish up the fuel and intake systems in the next week or so.


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